Comedy Workshop

Throughout the years, Domenico Lannutti has created a method that can help anyone discover and broaden their comic potential and find their personal comic character.

The goal is to give students a series of tools, techniques, and mechanisms that help generate laughter; a toolbox useful in any type of performance and/or communication: comic theatre, stand-up comedy, street theatre, conferences, writing, sales, presentations, personal wellness.

The atmosphere of the workshop is deliberately playful and fun, in order to permit each participant to express him or herself without self-consciousness or reserve.

Each student will be encouraged to find his or her own comic character and to discover how that character relates to others.

The workshop is designed to create a solid foundation from which each student can begin a fascinating investigation.

Themes treated in the workshop:

  1. Comedy, humor, satire, parody, irony, sarcasm
  2. The joke, the brick of comedic design; an analysis of jokes in visual and verbal comedy
  3. Principal methods of comedy writing
  4. Principles of clown work
  5. Your personal comic character
  6. Comic duos
  7. Principles of verbal and nonverbal communication
  8. Laughter. Who laughs? Why do they laugh? How do they laugh?
  9. The seventh sense, or sense of wonder.
  10. Finding your personal comedic style, exploring comic poetics.