Seminar Tragikomica

If you learn to laugh at yourself, your self will always be happy!

Life is a tragedy if you look at it up close, but a comedy if you step away from it a little.

Every day we find ourselves experiencing conflict on many levels: conflict with yourself, with others, with nature. Conflict cannot be eliminated, it can only be experienced and accepted. So why don’t we try to experience it in a fun and playful way?

When we are able to laugh at conflict, we distance ourselves from it, we disidentify with it. This makes us see the problem under a different light, makes us change point of view. Suddenly the problem seems less severe, more acceptable.

Themes treated in the seminar:

  • How to think like a comedian to change your point of view of reality, to experience problems in a fun way
  • How to develop your personal sense of humor: techniques, exercises, games.

“Laughter is like a windshield wiper: it won’t make it stop raining, but it might help you see better.” (J. Ugnot)