Comedy, magic, acrobatics, poetry, and madness



Comikesk is a pyrotechnic crescendo of comedy, magic, acrobatics, poetry and madness.
It is a multidisciplinary performance somewhere in between circus theatre, visual comedy and stand-up comedy.
Lannutti & Corbo give life to a surreal and highly entertaining variety show, filled with bizzarre and absurd characters: a fairground announcer, a showgirl, “Saverio the object of desire”, an acrobat who wants to live in an upside-down world, a mute ventriloquist, Frank-Stein, the “mago della Maiella” (a magician who fights bad luck), and other various characters.
A show that appeals to the hear, the head and the gut; and will leave you laughing and wanting more.
The show is perfect for any audience aged 0 to 100, and can be enjoyed at any hour of the day or night, before or after meals.
It can be performed whole or in pieces, on stage or in the street.